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Screen Privacy Filter (landscape) For Apple iPad Pro

Screen Privacy Filter (landscape) For Apple iPad Pro

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Base Price:€39,31€47,56
Referentie: 7100088706
Taal: UK

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3M's thinnest Privacy Filter helps keep confidential information private while maintaining the display's touch functionality. Provides an optimized viewing experience for high resolution displays, and is designed to fit your AppleŽ iPadŽ ProŽ screen.
3MT Privacy Filters blackout side views quickly, delivering privacy and helping keep visual hackers in the dark.
Custom fit to your AppleŽ iPadŽ ProŽ

- The thinnest Privacy Filter from 3M allows consistent, high-quality touch responsiveness for your device.
- Designed with advanced microreplication technology, creates an excellent viewing experience on your high resolution display.
- Minimizes distracting screen glare and mirror-like reflections in office environments
- Actual filter dimensions are 11 15/16" x 8 9/16" (302 mm x 217 mm)
- Attaching, removing and reattaching is simple and easy.
- Lightweight, thin, frameless design
- Thin yet durable 3MT Privacy Filters help protect screens from dust, scratches, and dings.
- Helps reduce the appearance of smudges and fingerprints on the laptop display
- Great for helping maintain screen privacy in high traffic areas such as open work spaces, airports, airplanes, commuter trains, coffee shops and other public places
- Reduce 35% of blue light transmission from the display.
- Keep your touchscreen smooth to the touch with a satin finish


Geschikt voorTablets
Frame kleurZwart
Kleur van het productTransparant
Filterfuncties displayAnti-glare
Ondersteunde display-typesLCD
Duurzame schermbeschermerJa
Oriëntatie privacy-filterLandschap
Compatibel met touchscreenJa
InstallatietypeAdhesive strip
Eenvoudig verwijderbaarJa
Maximumafmetingen schermcompatibiliteit32,8 cm (12.9")
CompatibiliteitApple iPad Pro
Breedte30,2 cm
Hoogte21,7 cm