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USB-c To C 3.1 Gen2 Cable 100cm White

USB-c To C 3.1 Gen2 Cable 100cm White

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Base Price:€23,40€28,31
Referentie: ACC3AL-100CM-CSV
Taal: UK
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USB-C uses a convenient reversible plug that connects every time and supports the fastest data speeds available on USB. It also offers faster charging than other USB form factors thanks to higher wattage. ADATA makes sure you enjoy the full benefit of USB-C with a durable cable that features a protective sleeve to prevent interference and data loss. We use the finest materials, ensuring the cable can withstand bending, twisting, and pulling. An integrated E-MARK chip boosts transmission power to enable up to 100W and supports USB 3.1 Gen 2 speeds for charging and ample bandwidth for Ultra HD 4K video.

Reversible USB-C connector
The simple act of connecting a USB plug testing your patience? No more with USB-C, which is completely reversible. There's no up or down, it connects every time, the first time. There's no wrong position, and as a big benefit you also get much faster data speeds and device charging. USB-C is becoming the new standard on notebooks, tablets, smartphones, power banks, and many other devices.

Evolved performance
USB-C supports much bigger bandwidth than previous USB connection types, allowing full usage of USB 3.1 Gen 2 specifications and capabilities. Speeds go up to 10Gbps, twice those of USB 3.0 via USB-A connectors. Waiting around for big files to transfer is no longer a problem as everything moves faster between devices thanks to doubled performance.

Durable and high powered
ADATA USB-C cables use a braided, multi-layered sleeve that protects internal wiring from damage while preventing signal loss and interference. The outer layer uses highly elastic PVC, resisting deformation and damage due to twisting, bending, or pulling. The premium connector is tested to a minimum 10,000 insert/remove cycles for a prolonged service lifespan. Additionally, we use 22AWG wiring that carries up to 100W, enough to power sizable devices and ideal for quickly charging smaller ones. An integrated high-grade E-MARK controller regulates and boosts power delivery to ensure safety, efficiency, and speed.

Smooth Ultra HD 4K delivery
The vastly higher speeds and greater fidelity offered by combining USB-C cables and ports with USB 3.1 Gen 2 data standards. They provide an ideal channel for big video files in native Ultra HD 4K, enabling transmission from devices to external storage and live playback without buffering, slowdown, or loss of quality.


Lengte snoer1 m
USB-versie3.1 (3.1 Gen 2)
Aansluiting 1USB C
Aansluiting 2USB C
Soort stekkersMannelijk/ Mannelijk
Connector 1 form factorRecht
Connector 2 form factorRecht
Omkeerbare aansluitingenJa
Kleur van het productWit
MateriaalAluminium, Kunststof
Overdrachtssnelheid (max)10000 Mbit/s
AWG draad omvang22
Materiaal omhulselPolyvinyl chloride (PVC)
Aantal per verpakking1