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High Impact Glass For iPhone X, Xs

High Impact Glass For iPhone X, Xs

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Referentie: BEHTEM00126
Taal: US
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This is the High Impact Glass Screen Protector of BeHello that the screen of your iPhone or X XS offers optimal protection against scratches and scuffs. If a part is vulnerable on your smartphone, then it is the screen. It replaced a screen that is broken, is many times more expensive. You will not suffer from screen protector that you do not even notice it's there. The chance of a broken screen is thus minimal, so you can have hours of fun with your phone! Although the High Impact Screen Protector few millimeters thin, it provides superior protection. This is because it is made of a glass layer having a surface hardness of H9. This will also no loss of brightness and touch sensitivity. The High Impact Screen Protector BeHello is the ultimate protection.