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Cable - Octal Cable 8 Lead 68pin To 8 Male Rj-45

Cable - Octal Cable 8 Lead 68pin To 8 Male Rj-45

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Referentie: CAB-OCTAL-ASYNC=
Taal: UK

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CAB-OCTAL-ASYNC cables use a 68-pin connector and breakout cable and provide eight RJ-45 rolled cable asynchronous ports on each 68-pin connector. You can connect each RJ-45 rolled cable asynchronous port to the console or Aux port of a device. The NM-16A or NM-32A high-density asynchronous network modules available for the 2600 and 3600 Series Routers can use this cable. For more information on cabling, refer to Serial Cable Guide and Cabling Guide for RJ-45 Console and AUX Ports.


  • The asynchronous ports from the 68-pin connector are data terminal equipment (DTE) devices. DTE to DTE devices require a rolled (null modem) cable. DTE to data circuit-terminating equipment (DCE) devices require a straight-through cable. Since the CAB-OCTAL-ASYNC cable is itself rolled, you can connect each cable directly to the console ports of devices with RJ-45 interfaces. However, if the console port of the device to which you are connecting is a 25-pin interface (DCE), use the RJ-45 to 25-pin adapter (product number CAB-5MODCM=) marked "Modem" (to reverse the "roll") to complete the connection. Remember, if you need to increase the reach of the CAB-OCTAL-ASYNC cable, use a straight-through RJ-45 cable for the extension.


Port types for console and auxiliary ports on Cisco routers and switches are:
Interface Type DB25 Interface RJ-45 Interface
Console DCE DTE