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3-in-1 Gps-glonass&two Cellular 3g/4g/lte Screw Mount Antenna

3-in-1 Gps-glonass&two Cellular 3g/4g/lte Screw Mount Antenna

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Taal: UK
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how it works

the 3-in-1 gps-glonass and two cellular (3g/4g/lte) bolt-mount antenna with 3m cables is an om-nidirectional heavy-duty, fully ip67 waterproof external m2m antenna for use in telematics, transporta-tion and remote monitoring applications. it includes two lte mimo antennas and one gps/glonass antenna, in the highest efficiency and peak gain possible.

this antenna particularly finds its application in mobile video, vehicle communications, location and fleet management, safety & security, remote industrial equipment monitoring. the antenna consists of two lte mimo elements 698-960mhz, 1710-2170mhz, 2300~2700mhz, 2900-3500mhz. the antennas are designed to work equally well on lte to deliver maximum dataspeed rates, or on legacy 2g and 3g frequencies where lte is not available.

the gnss antenna is a wide-band gps/ glonass element tuned to have optimum gain at 1575.42 mhz gps and 1602mhz glonass frequencies.

mechanically, the unit has three high efficiency and gain antennas packed in an extremely robust ip67 direct mount antenna package with excellent isolation (20db+). the strengthened domed housing is designed to deflect tree branches and wires that tend to catch and break shark fin or rigid whip anten-nas.

the antenna has its own internal ground-plane and can radiate on any mounting environment such as metal or plastic without affecting performance. the internal components are individually screwed down onto a robust plate, preventing damage from regular vehicle vibrations.

a completely waterproof mounting seal prevents water from leaking under the housing.