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Accel Computer Service
Mechelsesteenweg 25
tel. : +32 3 4603535
VAT : BE 0448.125.944
Disaster Recovery Ip Address - Subscription License - Multilingual 1  Year

Disaster Recovery Ip Address - Subscription License - Multilingual 1 Year

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Referentie: DRJAEBLOS71
Taal: UK
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Acronis Disaster Recovery Service supports businesses that have an extremely low tolerance for downtime in critical data and systems. We replicate your systems, storage, and installed software to an on-premises appliance and one of the cloud-based data centers. In the event of an outage, your servers can be restarted locally or in the cloud to allow you to continue providing IT services to your internal and external collaborators until you are able to perform a safe recovery. Whether you need to restore a single file, a database, or an entire server, all it takes is the push of a button. Acronis Disaster Recovery Service guarantees the continuity of your business by providing a flexible service,


Main Product Acronis Disaster Recovery IP Address
License Type Subscription 
Language Multilingual
Duration 1 Year